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(high quality home decoration - Cartier doors and windows) the living room is the place that most reflects the decoration style in family decoration, but many families often think that the living room is a place to receive guests, so it's good to be comfortable, and they don't spend a lot of time on design collocation. But the decoration style of the living room directly reflects the owner's taste, so we must treat it seriously

1. Decoration style

if we want to create a good living room, we should choose the right decoration style at the beginning. Many people think that the decoration of small family living room should be as simple as possible, so that it will not appear crowded. In fact, this idea is not correct. Although the living room is small, it can still create a layered feeling through the decoration style, which is a very practical living room decoration skill. Xiaobian is here to recommend several popular living room styles in the market for your reference:

(1) Nordic decoration: Nordic decoration is actually minimalist decoration, the main color is white, and it pays attention to show natural Casuality in simplicity

(2) rural decoration: this kind of decoration can also be subdivided into American style rural, Korean style rural, British style rural, etc., showing that it is close to nature

(3) classical decoration: classical decoration can also be subdivided, including Chinese classical and European classical. If it is this kind of decoration, we must work hard on the decoration materials

2. Lighting

lighting is a small expert in creating an atmosphere. How can we forget it when we talk about the decoration skills of the living room? The most common lighting is table lamp, chandelier, wall lamp, spotlight and floor lamp. Xiaobian suggests that you should try not to choose too luxurious lighting in general home decoration, which will make guests feel oppressed; Don't choose too bright lighting, which will make people feel irritable. When choosing lamps and lanterns, you'd better pay attention to its lighting color, which can best reflect other objects in the living room

3. Wall design

people like to design the background wall in the living room, which can really add a lot of color to the house. Xiaobian is here to introduce a very practical living room decoration skill, that is, you can set several shelves on the sofa background wall. A few small potted plants can be placed on the staggered shelf, and some books and magazines can be placed at will, or a few photos can be placed, which is very eye-catching

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