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In the current social environment, words such as environmental protection and sustainable development have been hotly discussed. Indeed, the environmental protection performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows is closely related to the construction of a healthy living environment. According to the recent news release, the skill request for environmental symbolic goods issued by the Ministry of environmental protection has been officially implemented, and its implementation may help aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers' environmental protection reform

strict implementation of the environmental protection policy is never legal.

the state has promulgated the environmental symbol policy, indicating that in the future, it is necessary to comply with specific environmental protection requirements in the chain process of production, materials used, etc. for the company not only in terms of quality and quantity, but also in the chain process of production, materials used, etc., which can also eradicate the illegal labeling practices of the company in the past. Therefore, the relevant quality inspection department should supplement the promulgation of the new standard with stricter and more frequent inspections in order to strengthen the credibility of the new standard. The legal department should strengthen the punishment, and must let unqualified companies or themselves pay a painful price

green environmental protection companies focus on implementation

under the new economic normal, aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers are facing endless pressure of transformation and elimination. From the perspective of global development trends, the economic foundation determines the concept of family and their own spending, which is the spending rule. Through years of high-speed development, Chinese society is changing from meeting fundamental needs to seeking quality. The age of quality has come. With the improvement of quality, Chinese door and window consumers will take green as a necessary condition for qualified goods, and aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers in the industry have also begun to use excellent green materials as a selling point to enter the market

the quality of home environment is related to the family health of every consumer, and its environmental protection concept is linked one by one. There are guidelines and specifications at the top and supervision at the bottom. The environmental protection innovation of aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers has become a general trend




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