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The national development and Reform Commission: the oil price increases should be appropriately postponed and the oil price decreases should be timely

Xinhua news agency, Shenyang, March 28 - Peng Sen, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, said on March 28 that this year, we should choose an opportunity to launch the product oil price reform program, shorten the price adjustment cycle, improve the price adjustment operation mode, and improve the transparency of the mechanism operation

in an interview on the sidelines of the 2012 national economic system reform conference held in Shenyang, Pengsen said that the product oil price and tax reform plan introduced at the end of 2008 played an important role in ensuring energy security and further determining oil prices in accordance with the market direction. However, some problems were also found in the implementation process, such as the long price adjustment cycle and the inability to reflect the fluctuations of international oil prices in a timely manner

according to the current product oil price formation mechanism, when the moving average price of crude oil in the international market changes by more than 4% for 22 consecutive working days, the price of domestic oil can be adjusted accordingly. The material can be subject to special functional treatment according to the needs of customers. Pengsen disclosed that the idea of the new refined oil pricing mechanism is to shorten the price adjustment cycle, more sensitively reflect changes in the international market, and increase pricing transparency. The key is to ensure China's energy security and market supply

"at present, the international oil price is fluctuating at a high level. The new product oil pricing mechanism should be introduced when the oil price is stable or falling. Before it is introduced, it should be approved by the central government and widely solicited public opinions for further modification and improvement." Pengsen said

Pengsen clearly responded to the popular saying that "the pricing power of refined oil will be given to enterprises", which is inaccurate. According to the new pricing mechanism for refined oil, the price of refined oil is still the government's guiding price. Relevant enterprises will adjust the oil price appropriately according to the market changes, the principle of determining the government's guiding price, and the relevant mechanism. There are not many types of plastics in the price management department of the government, and supervision should be strengthened

"I can clearly say that every time the price of refined oil is raised, it is very prudent and appropriately postponed; every time it is lowered, it will be lowered as soon as the conditions are ripe, and it has never been postponed for a day." With regard to the public comments caused by the recent substantial increase in oil prices, Pengsen said that from the end of 2008 to the end of 2008, the total increase in domestic oil prices has been less than 80% after 13 increases and 5 decreases, but the international oil price has risen from more than $40 a barrel to nearly $120 a barrel in the same period. The government has made great efforts to stabilize the price level of oil products and ensure energy security

as for the natural gas price reform, Pengsen pointed out that the state has carried out pilot projects in Guangdong and Guangxi according to the new pricing mechanism of "market return method". It is planned to use twoorthree years to make the national natural gas production become the most uncertain price for investment in line with this new mechanism

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