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In April2002, only one of the following four items (a), B, c) and D) is correct. Please write the correct item on the corresponding position of the answer sheet, and the answer will not be scored on the test paper

(1) over the past 20 years, microprocessors have developed very rapidly. Here are some descriptions about the development of microprocessors:

① microprocessors contain more and more transistors and have more and more powerful functions

② the dominant frequency of microprocessors is higher and higher, The processing speed is getting faster and faster

③ the operation and use of microprocessors are becoming simpler and more convenient

④ the performance price ratio of microprocessors is getting higher and higher

the inaccurate description is:

a) ② b) ③ C) ① and ③ d) ④

(2) the computer is a general information processing tool. The following is a description of the information processing capability of the computer:

① it can not only process data, It can also process images and sounds

② it can not only calculate, but also make reasoning decisions

③ it has almost unlimited information storage capacity

④ it can easily and quickly exchange information with other computers

are the above statements correct

a) ①, ② and ④ b) ①, ③ and ④ C) ①, ②, ③ and ④ d) ②, ③, ④

(3) the following are some descriptions about the main memory of PC computer:

① the length of the basic address unit of the main memory is 32 bits

② the main memory is also called memory, It is a kind of dynamic random access memory

③ the memory capacity of most PCs sold on the market has reached more than 64MB

④ the memory capacity of PCs can generally be expanded

the correct ones are:

a) ① and ③ b) ②, ③ and ① C) ① and ④ d) ②, ③ and ④

(4) which of the following statements about PCI local bus is wrong

a) there are three types of signals on the PCI local bus: data signal, address signal and control signal

b) the PCI local bus is a 1120mm 6-bit bus, The data transmission rate can reach 5mb/s

c) PCI local bus is used to connect the high-speed equipment in the PC

d) PCI local bus has been widely used in the PC at present

(5) the following are some descriptions about the PC CPU:

① the CPU contains dozens or even hundreds of registers, and uses the temporary storage of data to be processed

② the CPU is an indispensable part of the PC, It undertakes the task of running system software and application software

③ the speed of CPU is much lower than that of main memory, and the use of cache can significantly improve the speed of the system

④ there is only one microprocessor in the PC, which is cpu

where the error is:

a) ① and ③ B) ② and ③ C) ② and ④ d) ③ and ④

(6) the computing speed of PC refers to the number of instructions it can execute per second. Which of the following are effective measures to improve the operation speed

① increase the number of registers in the CPU

② increase the main frequency of the CPU

③ increase the capacity of the cache

④ expand the capacity of the disk memory of the PC

a) ① and ③ b) ①, ② and ③ C) ① and ④ d) ②, ③ and ④

(7) the following are some descriptions about fixed-point numbers and floating-point numbers in the computer:

① floating-point numbers are numbers with both integers and decimals, Fixed point numbers can only represent pure decimals

② the floating-point control system uses complement to represent fixed-point numbers, and the original code to represent fixed-point numbers

③ floating-point numbers and fixed-point numbers are the same in appearance, the range of values that floating-point numbers can represent is large, and the range of fixed-point numbers is small

④ floating-point numbers and fixed-point numbers are the same in appearance, and the precision of floating-point numbers is low, High precision of fixed-point number

the correct ones are:

a) ② and ④ B ① and ② C) ① and ④ d) ③ and ④

(8) Windows 98 operating system belongs to:

a) single user single task operating system B) single user multi task system

c) multi-user multi task operating system D) multi-user single task system

(9) in the following descriptions about computer viruses, The wrong description is:

a) computer viruses are often spread through e-mail in the network environment

b) e-mail is a means of communication between individuals, even if the computer virus is spread, the impact is small

c) at present, the firewall can not protect the computers in the unit from the attack of e-mail with virus

d) generally, as long as the e-mail and its attachments are not opened, The system will not be infected with the virus it carries.

(10) the following error in the description of the linear table is:

extruder as a critical processing equipment

a) if it is represented by an array, the storage locations of the elements in the table are connected

b) if it is represented by a linked list, it is easy to insert and delete

c) if it is represented by a linked list, No need to occupy an adjacent storage space

d) table insertion and deletion operations are only allowed at one end of the table

(11) linear tables can be represented by linked lists with header nodes or linked lists without header nodes, The main advantages of the former are:

a) it can speed up the traversal of tables b) it can unify the processing of empty tables and non empty tables

c) it can save storage space d) it can improve the speed of accessing table elements

(12) Grasp the pulse of global industrial development. The following statements about the stack are incorrect:

a) the stack is a linear structure b) the stack is a special linear table

c) the stack has a first in first out feature d) the stack has a last in first out feature

(13) assuming that the level of the root node is 0, what is the minimum height of a binary tree with 15 nodes

a) 4b) 5C) 3D) 6

(14) for any tree, let it have n nodes, and the sum of the degrees of these n nodes is D. the following relationship is correct:

a) d=n b) d=n-2 C) d=n+1 d) d=n-1

(15) let the table L1 and L2 have the same constituent elements, L1 has been arranged in order according to the value of each element, L2 has not been arranged in order, and use the sequential search method to search L1 and L2 respectively, The following conclusions are correct:

a) for a given value K, if the retrieval is successful, the comparison times of the two must be equal

b) for a given value K, if the retrieval is successful, the comparison times of L1 are always less than those of L2

c) for a given value K, if the retrieval is unsuccessful, the comparison times of L2 are always greater than those of L1

d) under the condition of equal probability, if the retrieval is successful, The average comparison times of retrieving an element are equal

(16) the following four tables are sorted from small to large using the direct insertion sorting method. The lowest comparison times are:

a) (94, 32, 40, 90, 80

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