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Recently, it was reported that the UK was facing an economic downturn crisis. Even though people thought it was the most contradictory moment, they also began to accept the fact that the UK economy was facing an economic recession in 2008. A new survey published by Plimsoll, an industry analyst, showed how the UK economy slowed down and had an impact on the entire label market

the content of the analysis report lists the latest data of 460 companies in the national standard industry of the company. You are welcome to pay attention to. The data shows that about 1/3 of the company's sales amount indicates that the company has shown signs of economic recession. This also directly indicates that the whole market has shown a downward trend of deceleration; More than half of the companies said their overall profits were declining. What is most noteworthy is that more than one-third of enterprises are now operating at a loss. The pressure of turnover has to squeeze the profit margin. Not only that, these companies will also face the challenge of increasing costs and decreasing sales; A quarter of the companies indicated that they were ready to increase their short-term financial needs, and there were signs that the current corporate cash flow could not meet the pressure caused by the increase in costs. The loan business of banks and financing institutions is facing difficulties, which also indicates that this is a double dangerous moment, and these financial institutions will be pushed to the most vulnerable position; Analysts said that if this trend continues to develop or deepens, at least 1 we will continue to witness the bankruptcy of label companies with the potential of graphene technology to bring market fluctuations and reform and innovation/6

According to the analysis results, Mr. David Pattison, senior analyst of Plimsoll, said: we are reading how the credit market and world finance are impacted every day. Nevertheless, I am very surprised to see the pressure in the label market. I hope this report will serve as an early warning sign, so that managers can guide everyone to learn and apply it as a course in their work through such a warning

this analysis report is not all bad news. Some evidence shows that in some regions, especially small companies, they are more focused on the local or domestic market. Therefore, the economic shock in the big market does not have a great impact on them

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