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National Development and Reform Commission: only when high-quality production capacity is released well can backward production capacity retreat well

supply side structural reform, one of the series reports on the hot topic of coal de capacity: only when high-quality production capacity is released well can backward production capacity retreat well

the notice on ensuring coal, electricity, oil and gas transportation during the summer peak in 2017 issued by the national development and Reform Commission recently proposed to accelerate the release of high-quality coal production capacity, Large coal enterprises should tap the potential to increase production, and key coal producing areas should take the lead in increasing production and ensuring supply

is there any contradiction between vigorously reducing production capacity and releasing high-quality production capacity? In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the economic operation Bureau of the national development and Reform Commission said that the removal of production capacity is mainly to remove invalid and inefficient production capacity, and the withdrawal of this part of invalid production capacity has limited impact on production; At the same time, releasing high-quality production capacity will also squeeze backward production capacity. "If high-quality production capacity is released well, backward production capacity can exit well."

experts and scholars generally agree with this. "We should formulate reasonable policies according to the changes in the market situation. At present, the peak of power consumption in summer is coming, so we should do a good job in ensuring supply." Niu Li, director of the Macroeconomic Research Office of the Economic Forecasting Department of the state information center, told the China Economic Herald that releasing high-quality production capacity does not mean "interruption" of production capacity. There are many reasons for the short-term rise in coal prices, but the overall situation of excess coal capacity in China has not fundamentally changed

de capacity has brought many positive changes

in recent years, the labor cost has reached 233 yuan/ton. In recent years, China's coal industry has been seriously overcapacity, and de capacity is one of the primary tasks of the coal industry. The opinions of the State Council on resolving excess capacity in the coal industry and achieving poverty relief and development issued in February 2016 stressed that, under the background of promoting supply side structural reform, the elimination of excess capacity in the coal industry should be taken as the starting point for the task of eliminating capacity. Starting from 2016, it will take 3-5 years to withdraw about 500million tons of coal capacity and reduce and restructure about 500million tons

in 2016, China withdrew more than 290million tons of coal production capacity, exceeding the annual target of 250million tons

with the continuous promotion of capacity reduction, the supply-demand relationship in China's coal market has improved significantly, the asset status of coal enterprises has improved, the financing capacity has been enhanced, and the contradictions such as bank debt, customer debt, social security debt, safety debt and insufficient investment in technological transformation and innovation have been alleviated. For example, as of the end of April 2017, the accumulated wage arrears of coal mines in Shaanxi Province had decreased by 61.77% compared with the end of 2016

more importantly, China has improved policies and established a de capacity system in the promotion of de capacity. For example, China has formulated and issued supporting documents in 8 aspects, including bonus and subsidy funds, employee resettlement, finance and taxation, finance, land, environmental protection, quality and safety, and further refined and improved policies and measures in terms of employee resettlement, debt disposal, and "zombie enterprise" disposal according to the actual situation of capacity reduction

in addition, focusing on promoting the sustainable and healthy development of coal and related industries, China has also carried out effective explorations, such as medium and long-term contracts, increase and decrease linked replacement index transactions, minimum and maximum inventories, and preventing abnormal price fluctuations. For example, in terms of medium - and long-term contracts, the national development and Reform Commission and the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council issued the opinions on strengthening market supervision and public services to ensure the performance of medium - and long-term coal contracts, which changed the long-term situation that coal medium - and long-term contracts have no fixed price, no transport capacity guarantee and no performance guarantee, and played a special important role in stabilizing the coal market

the addition and subtraction method helps the industry to achieve a stable and far-reaching development.

to promote the supply side structural reform, we should properly handle the relationship between subtraction and addition. The relevant person in charge of the economic operation Bureau of the national development and Reform Commission said that at present, it is necessary to do a good job in reducing production capacity, grasp the crux, make proper efforts, highlight orientation, accuracy and degree, and eliminate substandard coal mines in terms of resource depletion and safe production. Addition should also be done well in the process of capacity removal, that is, while accelerating the withdrawal of inefficient and ineffective capacity, high-quality capacity should be developed through reduction and replacement to achieve orderly connection of coal capacity. This is not only the practical need to ensure the stable supply of coal, but also an important path to promote the adjustment and upgrading of coal industrial structure

according to the person in charge, at present, a considerable part of China's total coal production capacity belongs to the scale of construction coal mines and technological transformation coal mines. Except for some coal mines that have entered the joint test run, most of them cannot form output. At the same time, there are also a number of coal mines with exhausted resources, serious disasters, high costs, weak competitiveness, low safety level, and long-term shutdown, which make little contribution to the output and seriously restrict the quality and benefits of the industry development. "De capacity is mainly to remove these invalid and inefficient capacity, further improve the efficiency of resource allocation and capacity utilization, and optimize the industrial structure and production layout."

2016, about 2000 coal mines with exhausted resources, long-term losses and poor safety foundation were withdrawn from the country, including 1500 small coal mines with less than 300000 tons, and the number of coal mines in the country dropped to less than 8000

while doing well in subtraction, we should also do well in addition to speed up the development of high-quality production capacity. On the basis of strictly implementing capacity reduction and replacement and eliminating more backward capacity, the national development and Reform Commission accelerated the release of high-quality capacity by supporting the development of advanced capacity

before the issuance of the opinions of the State Council on resolving excess capacity in the coal industry to achieve poverty relief and development, the capacity replacement schemes of some coal mines under construction have been reviewed and approved, and all of them are large-scale coal mines built according to advanced capacity standards. The implementation of de capacity collaboration and index trading has provided employee resettlement and financial support for the de capacity of the coal industry, saved the use of central incentive funds, promoted the withdrawal of more backward production capacity, and promoted structural adjustment and layout optimization

with the in-depth promotion of capacity reduction, the layout of coal development has changed significantly - the main body of coal development in the southwest, Central South and northeast regions has decreased significantly, and coal production and development has concentrated in large bases and enterprises

two hands work together to resolve excess capacity

very active

in the process of coal de capacity, people from all walks of life are worried about the rapid rise in coal prices, and have discussed and even debated the relationship between capacity and output, and how to guide the development of high-quality coal capacity. Experts and scholars interviewed by China Economic Herald generally said that the relationship between the government and the market should be properly handled in order to make the "two hands" work together

recently, floating photovoltaic power stations with a total installed capacity of 40mW began to generate electricity in the waters of the coal mining subsidence area in Panji District, Huainan City, Anhui Province. Huainan is a traditional coal mining city. In recent years, the city has actively developed the water area in the coal mining subsidence area to build a floating photovoltaic power station, which not only does not occupy land resources, but also scientifically uses the water surface to develop clean energy, exploring a new way for the comprehensive management, development and utilization of the water surface in the coal mining subsidence area. Niu Li, Xinhua news agency, said that the reason why the coal industry has serious overcapacity is closely related to the relatively high proportion of state-owned enterprises in the industry. The state-owned enterprises are not sensitive enough to the market. Relying solely on the role of the market mechanism, it is difficult to effectively solve the problem of overcapacity in the coal industry in the short term. "Therefore, the removal of coal production capacity needs the help of the 'visible hand' of the government."

in Niu Li's view, overcapacity itself is a manifestation of market failure, and de capacity cannot be solved solely by market means. In terms of employee placement and debt treatment, enterprises will face many difficulties and problems when they withdraw from production capacity. Relying on market means alone, enterprises may not be willing to withdraw. Therefore, it is difficult to effectively solve the problem of overcapacity. However, by actively playing the role of the government, rewarding and compensating employees through financial funds, and making full use of industrial policies, energy conservation and environmental protection standards and safety production requirements, excess capacity will be quickly resolved

"in the sense that this Italian vertical tensile testing machine is mostly used for testing plastic plates, pipes, plastic films, rubber, wires and cables and other materials, there is no contradiction between playing the role of the government and playing the role of the market mechanism." Niu Li said that we should give full play to the government's regulatory role under the market forcing mechanism, and organically combine capacity reduction with deepening reform, enterprise restructuring, optimization and upgrading in accordance with the idea of "strictly controlling new production, eliminating backwardness, and optimizing stock"

at the same time, we should also give full play to the joint efforts of the government and the market. "We should follow the market law, give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, and withdraw backward production capacity through the survival of the fittest." Niu Li further analyzed and pointed out that the government should further strengthen market supervision, continue to strengthen supervision and law enforcement in environmental protection, land, quality, safety, energy consumption and other aspects, so that high-quality enterprises can truly reflect high quality, and force backward coal production capacity to speed up the complete withdrawal

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