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SHUAIKANG "low carbon platinum cabinet" is about to appear in National Day costumes.

at the moment when low-carbon life is in power, SHUAIKANG takes the lead in comprehensively promoting environmental friendly low-carbon products in the industry, replacing traditional plates with innovative "low carbon platinum plates", realizing zero formaldehyde emission, zero wood cutting, and zero pollution in production. With the increasingly serious pollution of home decoration, confused consumers have high recognition of environmental protection products. SHUAIKANG adopts "low carbon platinum plate", which has significant advantages in moisture-proof, flame-retardant, sound insulation, load-bearing and durability compared with traditional wood. However, due to the cost difference, this material has not been widely promoted in the industry. During the National Day holiday in 2012, SHUAIKANG will start its business again and fully apply the "low carbon platinum" plate to the main selling special price commodities, It is a colorful prelude to the large-scale "low-carbon platinum" and Huidong national "large-scale zero formaldehyde Furniture Culture Festival" purifying the home decoration environment and creating a healthy life ". Speaking of this double festival activity, the head of SHUAIKANG company once again emphasized" creating a healthy kitchen life " "This theme, in addition to strengthening their awareness of environmental protection, enterprises will also work with more enterprises interested in promoting environmental protection to jointly plan a healthy life of all green and environmentally friendly home furnishings and provide consumers with a full set of home decoration products with zero formaldehyde emission.

according to information from the industry, SHUAIKANG used Wanhua MDI ecological glue," low carbon platinum plate ", which won the first prize of the national science and technology progress award." Zero formaldehyde emission has been achieved. As an extremely safe compound, MDI can be used to make artificial blood vessels, heart valves, refrigerator liners, etc. Based on the innovation of MDI adhesive pressing technology, SHUAIKANG boldly adopts crop straw as the substrate of the board, completely eliminating the cutting of trees. The innovation of plate base material and production process makes SHUAIKANG realize the environmental protection of the production process and completely change the pollution of cabinet production

in the world of new products of SHUAIKANG's overall kitchen, the kitchen is not only a workshop to show cooking skills, but also meets people's requirements for comfortable and relaxed life, and realizes the goal of exquisite kitchen life in one step. The kitchen has evolved into an emotional space, a life culture closely related to people's home life, and a symbol of emotional space and life taste




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