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In recent years, governments at all levels have stepped up efforts to improve environmental protection. So far, the furniture industry has made a heavy blow to improve environmental protection. According to industry sources, in 2017, with the implementation of environmental protection regulations such as technical requirements for environmental labeling products furniture, limits of harmful substances in finished furniture and raw and auxiliary materials, it means further improvement of environmental protection requirements for furniture manufacturers, thereby intensifying the industry reshuffle. Wardrobe enterprises should improve their awareness of environmental protection and integrate the wardrobe brand Deville

the development of small and medium-sized enterprises is at stake under the heavy blow of environmental protection

according to insiders, the furniture industry in several furniture manufacturing places in South China faced a major reshuffle in 2016. The government has "zero tolerance" for furniture factories that have fine particles, burn boilers, and use oil-based paint in production, and has investigated and dealt with one by one

it is reported that there are more than thousands of furniture enterprises, large and small, in South China, of which small and medium-sized enterprises account for about 40%. Among these small and medium-sized enterprises, most of them have problems such as aging equipment, production processes and raw materials that do not meet environmental protection requirements, and imperfect pollution control facilities. The supervision and elimination of these small and medium-sized enterprises that do not meet the requirements of environmental protection production is not only conducive to improving the local atmospheric environmental pollution, but also conducive to promoting the upgrading of the furniture industry and the improvement of the quality of furniture products. For small and medium-sized enterprises at present, to survive, it has become urgent to pay attention to the requirements of green environmental protection

green environmental protection norms forced the industry to conduct self-discipline self-examination

on February 1 this year, the "technical requirements for environmental labeling products? Furniture" issued by the Ministry of environmental protection officially began to be implemented. Environmental mark is a kind of label on the product or package, which belongs to "certification trademark" to indicate the environmental protection attribute of the product. In the future, wood furniture, metal furniture, plastic furniture, upholstered furniture, rattan furniture, glass and stone furniture and other furniture and accessories will have an environmental protection sign similar to the energy-saving label of household appliances. Furniture with such a label means that the product is not only qualified in quality, but also meets the national environmental protection requirements in the process of production and use

so far, the environmental pollution problem in the production and use of furniture still exists. After the implementation of the new version of environmental protection signs, furniture products that can obtain environmental signs will be more green and environmentally friendly. At the same time, the implementation of the new environmental signs will help promote the technological progress of China's furniture industry. But from another perspective, this means that the furniture industry will face stricter standards and accept more rigorous tests

just when the whole country is imposing heavy blows on non environmental protection furniture manufacturers, Shenzhen also has more stringent requirements for green environmental protection?? Limit of harmful substances in finished furniture and raw and auxiliary materials. In the first stage, the transition period, from the date of publication of the standard on January 1, 2017 to the end of April 2017, solvent based coatings and adhesives can also be used in about six months; In the second stage, "prohibit the use of solvent based coatings" was officially implemented from May 1st, 2017. The specification is drafted in accordance with the rules given in gb/t 1.1-2009, proposed by Shenzhen human settlements Commission and under the jurisdiction of Shenzhen market supervision administration. The specification stipulates the terms and definitions, technical requirements, test methods and inspection rules of finished furniture and raw and auxiliary materials of furniture, which are applicable to the finished furniture sold and produced in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and the raw and auxiliary materials of furniture sold and used. The finished furniture includes wood furniture, metal furniture (only applicable to metal furniture containing wood materials and soft covering materials), soft furniture, and other types of furniture can be implemented with reference; Furniture raw and auxiliary materials include adhesives, wood coatings, wood materials, textile fabrics, leather, except for other types of furniture raw and auxiliary materials

for the furniture industry, it is not easy to reduce pollutant emissions. This specification takes "no solvent based paint" as a rigid index, ensuring the green environmental protection of furniture products from the source. According to the introduction of the industry, only reducing volatile organic compounds requires changing from oil-based paint to water-based paint, which will make the production line and raw materials have to be replaced. Many small and medium-sized enterprises cannot cope with the increased cost, let alone maintain the price advantage, and can only be eliminated by the industry

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