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Talking about some misunderstandings about the gelatinization process

gelatinization process is a new process widely recognized in recent years with the promotion and application of German Rittal cabinets in China. Due to the use of two-component polyurethane reactive process, many enterprises and individuals using this process have misunderstandings about the requirements and precautions of this process. This article makes a series of explanations on some common misunderstandings, hoping to be helpful to enterprises and operators using this process

one of the misunderstandings of the understanding of the gluing process

foam (sponge) equivalent to single-sided glue, worried that it will fall off automatically after a long time of use

single-sided glue foam adhesive strip is to use the physical bonding method to bond the foam with the bonding surface that needs to be sealed. Because the glue used for bonding is unreacted glue, it is only bonded by its own viscosity. We call this form of bonding physical bonding. The viscosity of this kind of glue will change significantly when it encounters environmental changes. For example, when the weather becomes cold, the viscosity fails, and when the weather becomes hot, the viscosity decreases. The adhesive strips will fall off automatically when the two natural environments change, which is the fundamental reason why the adhesive strips will fall off after a long time. However, the sealant strip completed by the gluing process will not have the above problems, because this gluing process uses two components to react, and the reaction produces irreversible results. This is a chemical reaction, and its bonding is completed by chemical reaction, which is called chemical bonding. It will not be changed by the change of environment, so no matter how cold or hot the weather is, or how long it is used, the adhesive strip will not fall off (except for non-human actions)

attachment: Dalian Huagong Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise to contact the gelatinization process in China. This article is also a brief talk on the understanding of President Han of Huagong on the gelatinization process. President Han pays special attention to the pre-sales and after-sales services, and hopes customers to see the company's professional and overall quality while ensuring the quality of equipment. At this stage, the company's gelatinization equipment has been exported to various countries, while constantly developing new products. We welcome friends to consult and exchange

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