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Some owners with busy work cannot often come to the construction site to supervise the construction process. At the same time, due to the strong professionalism of decoration, many owners can't understand and understand the details, so more and more citizens choose home decoration supervisors to check their houses

insiders believe that since the standards of construction acceptance by the third-party supervisor are implemented in accordance with national or industrial standards, and the responsibilities are clear and transparent, once the supervisor finds problems, the company will hold the project manager accountable, which not only urges the construction personnel to strictly operate according to the standards, but also has positive significance for the standardization of construction in the long run

due to the immature third-party supervision market of home decoration, some owners reported that there were quality problems after the house was decorated, and the third-party supervision company and home decoration company pushed each other. Industry insiders remind consumers that before signing an agreement with a third-party supervisor, the attribution of responsibility for problems should be noted in the agreement

◆ the owner reported that the supervisor was often unsatisfactory

Mr. Wen hired a decoration company to make soft decoration design for the new house of his apartment, and made renderings. Mr. Wen was very satisfied with the renderings, so he handed over his new house to the home decoration company for decoration. As a result, the decoration of the house was very different from the renderings. Mr. Wen asked the home decoration company to revise the soft decoration of the house again and hired a third-party supervisor to help, but the effect was still unsatisfactory

at present, there are three kinds of supervisors in charge of home decoration in the market: first, the self equipped supervisors of decoration companies; Second, the decoration city where the decoration company is located has a special supervision department to provide supervision services; Third, an independent home decoration supervision company. An independent home decoration supervision company, different from the first two, is a third party between consumers and decoration companies. It refers to that a professional home decoration supervision unit accepts the entrustment and authorization of the owner (decoration household), and assists the owner in supervising and managing the home decoration project according to the national documents, laws and regulations on home decoration, the home decoration supervision contract and other home decoration contracts

Mr. Yan, the boss of a well-known home decoration company, said that hiring a third-party supervisor like Mr. Wen ultimately failed to achieve satisfactory results. The reason is that the third-party supervision market is not mature. He said that at present, the number of home decoration supervisors in the market is very small, and most of them are casual workers in the industry who work part-time as supervisors, so it is difficult to be fair and impartial

◆ how to deal with problems should be explained in the agreement

Ms. sun, who has signed a decoration contract with the decoration company, has started the decoration of her house. When the construction personnel entered the house for the first time, in addition to the designer, there was also a supervisor from a professional supervision company hired by the decoration company

after introducing themselves, the supervisors began to use instruments to measure and examine the house. Then, according to the specific situation of the measuring room, they carefully explained the construction precautions to the construction personnel, and also explained to Ms. sun the nodes that need to be coordinated in the whole supervision process. In the future, every time the decoration workers complete a work, I will arrive at the site for acceptance. For example, after the water and electricity transformation is completed, I will come to see whether it is qualified. The supervisor said to Ms. sun

the professional supervision engineer's work mainly includes three aspects: first, helping the decoration owner inspect and determine the decoration company, review and determine the decoration plan; Second, assist in signing the decoration contract, accepting the mobilization materials, checking the construction process, controlling the construction progress, etc; Third, complete the supervision report after the completion acceptance of the project. The supervision and management of the home decoration supervision company is like a commodity, and the engineers who directly participate in the supervision determine the quality of the commodity

insiders remind that it's not all right to invite the supervisor. The owner had better keep in touch with the supervising engineer often and visit the site frequently. If there is any doubt, communicate with the supervising engineer in time. If there is a serious problem, meet in time, negotiate with the three parties and rectify it in time. When the subdivisional works and the works are completed, the owner shall go to the site for acceptance with the supervisor. In order to safeguard their own rights and interests, the owner should also add relevant clauses to the supervision agreement. If the project supervised by the supervision company has quality problems, the supervision company should bear relevant responsibilities, which should be explained in the agreement



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