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Shenzhen home textile exhibition ended successfully before. Huiya information was lucky to have an interview with Mr. Luo Daoyin, general manager of Foshan qiwo home decoration industry Co., Ltd

Huiya information exclusive interview with Luo Daoyin, general manager of Foshan qiwo home decoration industry Co., Ltd.

China soft clothing: Hello, Mr. Luo, what is the purpose of the company's exhibition this time

Mr. Luo: we are confident and looking forward to promoting our new products to the domestic market. Our company has been focusing on foreign trade before. The main purpose of this exhibition is to develop the domestic market. Through the exhibition, we introduce our product advantages and characteristics to our customers and dealers, and establish the brand and reputation of qiwo. I believe that the development prospect of this market will be broader and broader

China soft clothing: how about the sales of your company in the first half of the year? Compared with the same period last year, what do you think of the market situation in the first half of this year

President Luo: the company's sales in the first half of the year are generally optimistic, and the company will be more optimistic about the development plan and market trend in the second half of the year. Judging from the current situation of the exhibition, the potential of the domestic market is very huge. The competition this year will be more intense than in previous years. In the second half of the year, we will increase market investment and enhance competition according to our product market share and response

China softwear: what kind of brand system has qiwo formed at present? What are the characteristics of qiwo compared with other brands

President Luo: the company is a professional manufacturer mainly of medium and high-end window decoration products. Our company has advanced equipment, a large number of experienced technicians and a high-quality staff. And it has a good reputation and strong strength. In the existing development and innovation, the products have formed the unique products and styles of qiwo company

China softwear: what is the development plan of qiwo in the second half of the year

Mr. Luo: next, in addition to stabilizing the foreign market, we will increase our efforts to invest in the domestic market. In the domestic market, we will build the existing region into a model market, so that our cooperative customers and consumer friends can more intuitively see our products and competitive advantages, and focus on serving our dealers, do a good job in the domestic market, and achieve win-win results with them. Creating perfect value is the goal and pursuit of qiwo people




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