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Detailed explanation of decoration and wiring process and acceptance methods

nowadays, home decoration and wiring is a large engineering project. In addition to laying wires, TV cables, telephone lines, audio lines, video lines, etc., more and more computer players' home network wiring is indispensable. If you are not a professional technician, it is not a simple thing to straighten out a head sequence for so many cables. Besides, you should also consider the convenience, safety and beauty of use in the future use of the room. The author estimates that in a few years, houses without home network generic cabling system will be as outdated as houses without careful planning of water and electricity. Cables are intertwined everywhere, which is really "cutting constantly and disorderly". How to plan all kinds of cables (including power lines) professionally known as "weak current" in an orderly state during decoration has increasingly become a major event in modern home decoration

usually, once the decoration project is taken action, the affairs are so complicated that we can't (or don't) pay enough attention to this aspect of generic cabling. Not to mention the construction party, only a few construction teams in the decoration market can have professional electricians to provide you with formal electrical construction. If these concealed works are not handled properly and you do not monitor them in place, it will bring a lot of troubles and regrets, even irreparable losses, to the future use after check-in. Therefore, it is necessary for us to understand and master some knowledge of home network generic cabling, so as to avoid losses and regrets in the future. I believe that everyone doesn't want to carve a wall in their newly decorated new home because they forget to install a socket or connect a section of cable at a key position. It's hard work

home network generic cabling system

home generic cabling system refers to the electronic system that centrally controls the design of television, telephone, computer network, multimedia video and audio center, automatic alarm device, etc., that is, the equipment connected by these cables in the home can be centrally controlled by one device, which used to be "independent". Because it is different from the system that provides electric energy (such as power line), because their transmission voltage is not high (generally about 12V), the system composed of such cables is called weak current wiring system. General generic cabling system is mainly composed of information access box, signal line and signal port. If the generic cabling system is compared to the nervous system of home, the information access box is the brain, and the signal line and signal port are nerves and nerve endings. The function of the information distribution box is to control the input and output electronic signals. Signal lines transmit electronic signals. The signal port is connected to the terminal equipment. Such as: TV, telephone, computer, etc. Generally, the primary information access box can control at least three kinds of electronic signals: Cable TV signal (including satellite TV of course), telephone voice signal and network digital signal (otherwise, what is it used for?); The more advanced distribution box can control video, audio (or AV) signals. If your community provides corresponding services, it can also realize a series of functions such as electronic monitoring, automatic alarm, remote reading of water, electricity and gas meters

composition of a typical home generic cabling system: the system is an integration of standard connectors including distribution devices, various cables and various information outlets. Each component adopts modular design and hierarchical star topology structure. Each functional module and circuit are independent. The failure of a single household appliance or circuit will not affect the use of other household appliances. The distribution device of the household generic cabling management system is mainly composed of monitoring module, computer module, telephone module, TV module, audio-visual module and expansion interface. Its functions mainly include access, distribution, transfer and maintenance management. According to the actual needs of users, it can be flexibly combined and used, so as to support various applications such as telephone/fax, Internet access, cable TV, home theater, music appreciation, video on demand, fire alarm, security and anti-theft, air conditioning automatic control, lighting control, gas leakage alarm and automatic copying of water/electricity/coal gas three meters (the latter two functions need the community to provide corresponding services). For example, the home generic cabling system is a "nervous system" of smart home residence, through which all electrical equipment in the residence can be controlled uniformly. In short, it is a comprehensive weak current wiring system that uniformly manages and uses telephones, computers, televisions, DVD players, security equipment, anti-theft equipment, water/electricity/gas automatic meter reading equipment and other information appliances in the future





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