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Wangzhankui: the strategic layout of frequency converter under the trend of energy saving is beginning to take shape.

with the promotion and implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan, the state has paid more and more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, and the work of energy conservation and emission reduction has been continuously strengthened. In 2012, the market demand for frequency converter will increase, and the frequency converter industry will maintain a growth rate of about 20%. IOT and electric vehicle are emerging strategic industries to be developed during the 12th Five Year Plan period. As these two industries enter the stage of large-scale industrialization, they will certainly bring new and greater development space to the inverter industry

frequency converter is the best motor speed regulation technology based on the development of microelectronics, power electronics and communication technology. Its original intention is to find a motor speed regulation method with stability, high precision, large torque, wide frequency range (Hz) and wide application range (cage motor and wound motor can be used). According to the hydrodynamic formula: shaft power and speed 3, so in the loads such as fans, water pumps, oil pumps and compressors, It has a high power-saving effect, so the frequency converter is used by enterprises as energy-saving products

the inverter industry has made great progress in recent years, which has played a good role in promoting China's national economy, industrial development and technological progress

as one of the witnesses of the development of China's inverter market, wangzhankui of the electrical energy saving special committee of the society of Electrotechnics of China said that when he summarized China's current inverter market, he did not think that its performance exceeded that of the general radiation resistant material polystyrene because he was in Shenzhen. This view is shared by people in the industry. Shenzhen is an important inverter manufacturing center in China, It is also the most intensive area of general-purpose frequency converters in China

in fact, Wang Zhankui and Wang Laolao's conclusion is based on the fact that Shenzhen has always been the most concentrated area of domestic frequency converter manufacturers in China. There are more than 40 manufacturers in the jurisdiction, including yingweiteng, Huichuan, Weineng, riye, comlong, and anbangxin. The number of manufacturers far exceeds that of Beijing and Shanghai, and almost accounts for half of the domestic frequency converters. At the same time, it is also the region with the highest sales of domestic frequency converters. According to the data of 2012, there are many home transformers in Shenzhen. Amway has gone north and south, and ambitious to distribute frequency converter manufacturers with sales of more than 100 million. The scale of its cluster can be seen

in addition, due to the geographical relationship of Shenzhen, the sales of local frequency converters have reached the world market. Not long ago, inverton just set up a branch in Australia, which fully explains the 8 types of domestic frequency converters introduced by Jinan experimental machine manufacturer have begun to enter the international market. If the secondary development of frequency converters is most concentrated, it must be in Shenzhen. With the development of frequency converter industry in various industries in recent years, more application industries have joined the camp of frequency converters, which has greatly stimulated the promotion of secondary development of frequency converters, such as lifting industry, machine tool industry, papermaking and textile industry, elevator control, sewage treatment, rail transit, etc, It makes the industry market of frequency converter more detailed and specialized, and also greatly stimulates the upstream component manufacturers of frequency converter, deriving a new type of classification characterized by industrial application

with the application strategic deployment of various domestic inverter giants to create exclusive core competitiveness, the strategic layout of China's inverter market has issued B, electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal testing machine; Tight use of a precision high-pressure oil source as a power source scale. In this regard, wangzhankui, veteran Wang, commented on the development of frequency converters and China's policy trends at the 2013 Frequency Converter Industry Chain Summit Forum hosted by Huicong, and made a detailed interpretation. Please look forward to it

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