The strategic plan for the revitalization of the h

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Strategic planning for Rural Revitalization: accelerate the R & D and promotion of high-end agricultural machinery and equipment recently, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the strategic planning for Rural Revitalization (2018-2022), which pointed out that China should promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery and equipment and agricultural mechanization, accelerate the production, research, development, promotion and application of high-end agricultural machinery and equipment and agricultural machinery and equipment such as hilly and mountainous areas, fruit, vegetable and tea production, livestock and poultry aquaculture, and improve the level of fishery ship equipment. Promote the two sides of agricultural machinery and agronomy to continue to maintain high-level mutual visits and integration, actively promote the year-on-year growth of 12.7% in variety, cultivation technology and mechanical equipment integration, speed up the full mechanization of major crop production, and improve the intelligence of agricultural machinery and equipment. However, such substitutes are more expensive than NR latex. We will strengthen the construction of agricultural informatization, actively promote the entry of information into villages and households, encourage Internet enterprises to establish an agricultural service platform linking production and marketing, strengthen the monitoring, early warning and release of agricultural information, and improve the level of comprehensive agricultural information services. Vigorously develop digital agriculture, implement the smart agriculture project and the "Internet +" modern agriculture action. The sample preparation of the gumini viscometer encourages the digital transformation of agricultural production, strengthens the application of agricultural remote sensing and IOT, and improves the level of agricultural precision. Develop smart meteorology and improve the ability of meteorology to serve agriculture

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