The story of the slowdown in capacity growth of th

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It is difficult to continue the story of the slowdown in the production capacity growth of the paper industry

paper industry: the momentum of production capacity expansion will decline in the coming year

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at the beginning of 2012, we thought that the capacity expansion of the paper industry would gradually weaken in the next two years. We recommended the paper industry at the turning point of profit at the beginning of the year. In the first quarter, many paper enterprises accelerated the elimination of backward capacity. How to prolong the service life of the testing machine achieved better benefits. However, due to the decline of macro-economy and the slowdown of demand, it is difficult to continue the story of the slowdown in the production capacity growth of the paper industry. In the medium-term strategy, we put forward the main line of cost benefit to select individual stocks. Under this logic, we are optimistic about the sub industries of Zhongshun jierou and Yanbiao, and have achieved good results in recommending them to the market

in the future, we will further strengthen in-depth research on the industry, care about each market segment, closely track the company's operation, and provide better research services for the market. When the macro-economy is uncertain, we think some light industrial companies need more attention, because in the current environment, some companies in the fine molecule industry may be less affected and may have good growth prospects

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