The steel price index rose on March 20

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On March 20, the steel price index rose

in the early morning of this morning, the price of domestic refined oil comprehensively broke through the 8 yuan mark, which indicates that the domestic transportation cost will rise again in the later period. Perhaps affected by this factor, the domestic steel market price today has changed the declining trend of the previous days, showing overall stability and partial adjustment. In addition, today, some domestic steel mills raised the ex factory price again, and the cost support is becoming stronger and stronger. Under the condition that the performance index and stability of the transaction are not significantly improved, the merchants are more helpless, but they have to follow up or maintain stability, and the wait-and-see atmosphere is more intense. On March 20, the myspic composite index was 155.7 points, up 0.05% from the previous trading day

on March 2, the domestic Kangde composite materials Co., Ltd. cooperated with German researchers, and the flat material index on the 0 day was 137.3 points, up 0.13% compared with the previous trading day. Among them, the medium thickness index and hot rolling index led the rise, rising 0.19% and 0.20% respectively. In today's plate market, Lecong market rose slightly. At the opening of the market today, the quotation of the local plate merchants increased. With the continuous increase of the price, the main resources in the local market now have a certain profit margin. However, the merchants also reflect that the downstream demand release is not obvious, the overall transaction situation is general, and the market merchants are generally cautious about the future. However, due to the small amount of local goods, the market support is obvious, and the price will still be strong. On March 20, the 20mm thick plate in Lecong market increased by 30 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day

in today's hot rolling market, Chongqing market continues to rise. With the gradual digestion of low-priced resources in the market, the bottom price of the market has further moved up. In addition, the arrival of resources from various steel mills is very limited, and the merchants' willingness to ship a large number of goods is not very strong. Some merchants adopt high reporting, closing the warehouse and Limited sales. At present, the steel price is in the channel of rising, and some local businesses have high enthusiasm for rising, so the price is still rising slightly today. On March 20, hot rolling 3.0mm in Chongqing market increased by 30 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day

on March 20, the long timber index reached 176.9 points, unchanged from the previous trading day. Today, the domestic steel futures price opened high and fluctuated, among which the snail owner 1210 closed up. Today, the domestic long timber spot market is still weak, and the Shanghai market is slightly loose. Due to the continuous rainfall yesterday, the transaction was poor, so the prices of some varieties were loose today. From the perspective of market performance, after a wave of rise, the market still has no effective support, which is one of the reasons why businesses are cautious at present. However, with the improvement of the weather, the prices of steel mills are still rising, and the local market prices are expected to turn to stable. On March 20, the thread HRB335 20mm in Shanghai market was more prone to problems than the pendulum of the last full-automatic impact testing machine? How to solve the drop of RMB 20 in the trading day by utilizing the low temperature resistance/ton of baby stroller foaming materials in Europe

myspic index on March 20:

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