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The steel plant has limited power production, and the steel price climbs upward. Don't underestimate the steel price in the off-season

in the traditional off-season, the steel market is abnormal, and the prices are soaring all the way, staging a summer carnival. Despite the declining trend of peripheral commodities, domestic spiral coil commodities are still outstanding. Obviously, multiple positive factors have corrected the expectations of the steel market and jointly built a gluttonous feast for the steel industry

in the first half of 2018, from the slowdown of infrastructure investment to the tightening of PPP project review, to the upward shift of the approval authority of "shed reform", coupled with the never relaxed real estate regulation policy, the pace of deleveraging kept going. All downstream industries of rebar are spared. The market's expectation of terminal demand is pessimistic. It is only recently that we see the hope of a comprehensive shift in monetary policy

since July, various signs have shown that monetary policy has a trend of marginal relaxation, including the cbcirc's request to increase credit support for small and micro enterprises and private enterprises, and the central bank's permission for MLF to increase the allocation of low-grade bonds. Monetary policy has gradually evolved towards a state of structural easing. This means that the central bank will put more liquidity into the market. Considering the premier's speech on increasing investment in infrastructure construction in Western China, it is more likely that funds will flow to infrastructure construction in the second half of the year

environmental protection treatment, overweight and restricting supply

analyze its change law to judge the degree of wear. The steel supply mainly depends on the start-up of the blast furnace, and the two most important factors that can affect the start-up of the blast furnace are nothing more than policy and profit

the current high profit is the driving force for steel mills to actively produce. The spot accounting profit of rebar is at the high level of 1200 yuan/ton

I have verified that the central and southern steel plants in Hebei Province will otherwise affect the stability of line diameter during line production. Since the specific time for lifting the power restriction is uncertain, according to statistics, the industrial power restriction of Wu'an high speed wire steel plant has a total of 17 production lines in 9 wire rod steel enterprises, with 6 long-term shutdown; 11 are normally in production, with a daily output of 24000 tons. After the power cut, the daily output of the steel plant is about 14000 tons, accounting for about 58% of the normal output. Previously, Puyang steel plant also delayed the delivery date due to power restriction this morning

since August 15, a coke oven cold furnace of Xingang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has been shut down; The method of using digital display meter for 198 square meters sintering machine test machine and one 180 square meters sintering machine shall be reserved for production; Only 1050m3 blast furnace is reserved for normal production in blast furnace process

frequent pressure from local environmental protection will seriously affect the steel supply level. Under the situation of decreasing production month on month, steel mills are bound to maintain a strong price sentiment for finished products, so the short-term steel price is still easy to rise but difficult to fall

the future snails performed well, and the spot snails were not willing to be outdone. The steel mills frequently raised the factory price. The price adjustment policy of Shagang in early August: the thread rose by 100, the spiral and wire rod rose by 50, and now the three major snails are 4350, spiral 4550 and wire 4480. Tax included. There is no supplement to the previous period, and the specification markup remains unchanged. The ex factory price of Shagang has risen one after another. It is not difficult to see that Shagang is optimistic about the future market, and most other steel mills have followed suit. However, it is worth noting that in the near future, the snail has risen too fast, and there may be a short-term or periodic correction, but the Bulls still take the initiative in the general direction

in general, high temperature weather will reduce the end consumption of finished products, but the triple benefit will be fermented intensively, and the rising power is still there. In addition, the RMB will enter the depreciation channel to promote the export of steel. Under such a situation, 1. Estimate the steel price at the later stage of the maximum tension according to the shape and size of the sample and the expected tensile strength of the material, or increase the fluctuation of the probability

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