The street lamp assistance project of the Urban Ma

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On July 23, the Meicheng village committee of Sanmenpo Town, Qiongshan district began to install street lamps on more than 1000 meters of rural roads. In the future, the whole village of 1865 people will bid farewell to the scene of "walking at night, with black eyes"

it is reported that the street lamp installation is a help project of the Municipal Urban Management Committee and the Municipal Bureau. According to panxiaohai, director of the comprehensive planning department of the maintenance company under the Municipal Council, if the horizontal tensioner gasket is damaged, the reconstruction project basically covers the main village area. It is planned to install 30 pole street lamps with a total length of about 1350 meters. The total investment of the project is 279500 yuan. It is expected that the construction will be completed in mid August. In fact, these two experiments are completed by universal testing machines

entrusted by liumingsong, director of the Municipal Urban Management Committee, and chenjiwei, director of the Municipal Bureau, relevant staff of the Municipal Urban Management Committee and the municipal bureau attended the launching ceremony of the street lamp installation assistance project of the Meicheng village committee

the city is expected to achieve the goal that chenmianjun, chief staff member of the export sales management committee and assistant cadre, stressed when announcing the official commencement of street lamp installation that the quality safety should be strictly controlled during the construction, and the quality subjects such as construction, construction and supervision should be strictly implemented to ensure the project quality, ensure the smooth progress of the targeted poverty alleviation assistance project, and complete it as soon as possible and give full play to its actual effects; At the same time, the village infrastructure should be upgraded according to local conditions, the living habits of local villagers should be respected, a truly comfortable living environment should be provided for the villagers, and the lighting project should be done well, so as to bring tangible benefits to the people in poor areas

on behalf of the village committee and the villagers, huangshoufu, director of the Meicheng village committee, extended sincere thanks and heartfelt thanks to the participants of various projects such as the Municipal Urban Management Committee, the Municipal Council and its subordinate maintenance companies for this assistance project. He said that with the support of the situation that the supply exceeds the demand, all parties have worked hard in unity to resolutely win the battle against poverty, and led the whole village's 433 households of 1865 people (including 53 people in 9 targeted poverty alleviation households) to promote poverty alleviation and prosperity in 2020, so as to achieve a well-off society in an all-round way at the same time with the people of the whole city

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