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Lovol rotary drilling service warms the hearts of the people: the story behind a banner

Lovol rotary drilling service warms the hearts of the people: the story behind a banner

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"serious, professional and enthusiastic service" eight hot gold words, lined with a red banner, looks stylish and eye-catching with scratch resistance and UV resistance. On july24,2014, Qingzhou customer Mr. Tian presented this banner to liujike, the service engineer of Lovol rotary drilling rig

the time can be traced back to the night of July 20. When people were still asleep in PID fuzzy control mode, Liu Jike received a dispatch from the 400 customer service command center. It was learned that during the construction of the pile teeth of the customer Tian Zong's fr628d drilling rig at a construction site in Qingzhou City, the drill pipe fell into the hole, and the company was requested to send a service engineer to provide service support

Liu Jike inquired about every detail of the construction site and the operation of the drilling rig after connecting the customer. It is learned that the pile is 50m deep, the steel wire rope of the main winch has been broken, the drill pipe has fallen into the pile, and the pile has been collapsing. Liujike was immediately aware of the seriousness of the problem, and immediately informed the customer of the first preventive measures to be taken and the tools needed to fish the drill pipe, asking him to prepare immediately

the station is 100 kilometers away from the construction site, and the rain is falling all the time. Two hours later, liujike drove a service car to the customer's construction site. In the heavy rain, liujike climbed high and low. After five hours of hard work overnight, he successfully salvaged the drill pipe. After the drill pipe was fished out, the drilling rig was comprehensively inspected and the operators were trained in drilling rig construction

looking at the normal operation of his rig and the loss of his property, President Tian saw it in his eyes and warmed his heart. He held liujike's hand tightly and kept saying thank you. There is no need to spend more money to buy a microcomputer controlled liujike responded: "we are a family when we buy Lovol rotary drilling rig."

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